We focus on providing innovative and technological solutions to ensure the successful delivery of each project's phases.


Manage the project progress through the analysis of 360º images

A smart bracelet that prevent or reduce the risk of accidents

Complete solution for full contracts digital management.

Work as the central point for provisioning diverse data, allowing full on-line operational control.

3D Modeling, planning, budget and asset management, providing benefits such as cost reduction, deadline control and risks identification and mitigation.


Some of our clients

“I'd like to commend Timenow's services for their collaboration, empathy, and professionalism. The constant requests for feedback keep the company in line with the client's expectations, providing a transparent service, and striving for excellence.”

“The company stands out for the knowledge and commitment of its employees in our contracts, with professionals who meet client’s expectations with experience and quality”

“Timenow has shown strong performance and vocation to meet the demands. The company has shown itself to be a partner in the challenges we have faced”

Shutdown Intelligence:

Case Vale Mozambique

In 2020, Timenow managed a major shutdown that involved a total of 1600 professionals and 39 subcontractors.

"We had all the elements for this project not to succeed," Alan Nunes, maintenance manager at Vale Mozambique, recalls. "We had a lack of manpower on site, all supplies, equipment, and components were imported, and, finally, the Covid-19 pandemic."

Take a look at what Alan Nunes has to say about Timenow's support!
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